Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Random Annapolis Sightings

We went to Annapolis over Independence Day weekend to see some sights. For lunch, we went to the Iron Rooster, which serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Breakfast is served all day, so I tried the chicken and waffles. Whenever that dish is served at school, the children always brag about how great it is. They are served popcorn chicken and the sauce is maple syrup. My chicken and waffles had larger chicken portions and a yummy cream sauce.

The Iron Rooster restaurant

Chicken and waffles (with potatoes)

We visited the Historic Annapolis Museum and the Charles Carroll House (he was the Catholic signer of the Declaration of Independence). While walking around we saw all sorts of charming houses.

Wine store with the museum next to it (and the steeple for St. Mary's behind)

We wondered about that window sticking out the top

I always love upper story porches, so this house naturally caught my eye.

Two upper-story porches!

Most of the house are short, two-story homes packed into the streets without much in the way of yards.

Cosy but close together

Even closer

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