Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Making Chocolate Bars at Home

A fun present my daughter received for her birthday was a chocolate bar kit. It came with molds, melting equipment, and ideas for making bars. We quickly bought some ingredients and she began crafting her own confections.

Various ingredients/product placement

The kit comes with an "Easy Squeezer" which is microwave safe. The chocolate melts quickly and safely. With a little stirring and a special lid, kids can be filling their molds in no time!

Melting milk chocolate

Attaching the lid and removing the tip cap

Filling the mold with chocolate

To get gooey fillings inside, she had to put the filling pocket on top and then put the mold in the freezer for ten minutes.

Making sure there is a hollow middle

After the first freezing, gooey fillings can be added. She chose caramel (an excellent choice, I would say).

Filled to the brim with caramel

Another round of melting chocolate gave her what she needed to seal in the caramel. A little more freezer time and the bar was done!

Finished product

The only challenge left was getting the bar out of the mold. The mold is some sort of silicon, so it's easy to push it out after a little practice.

Getting the right grip is important

The first bar was a little leaky. We put in too much caramel. We've used the kit over several days and are getting better and better at crafting chocolates.

Tasting the end product is important

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