Monday, November 21, 2016

Book Review: The Walking Dead Vol. 26 by R. Kirkman et al.

The Walking Dead Volume 26: Call to Arms written by Robert Kirkman and art by Charlie Adlard, Stefano Gaudiano, and Cliff Rathburn

After the Whisperers have marked their territory with the heads of people from Rick's Alexandria community, there's been an uneasy truce. Secretly (but not too secretly) Rick has begun training his people for another war. He manages the political situation at Alexandria but not well. One boy decides to sneak Negan out of jail with disastrous consequences for many.

The political situation in Alexandria is interesting. Rick wants to keep the people up in arms against the Whisperers. His methods are a little too clumsy to be completely effective. His relationship with his son is touched on briefly. The story is definitely losing interest in the father-son dynamic. The focus is shifted to Negan, who has a rather unbelievable character development in this story.

Overall the story still reads like its best days are behind and getting further away. I think I keep forgetting how disappointed I am with the series, since the trade paperbacks come out every six months or so. I don't remember how disappointing the last one was and I jump back in once the library has a new issue. It's probably time to stop. Sorry, Walking Dead!

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