Thursday, November 10, 2016

Dice Masters: Archers Monthly OP

Our friendly local game store, The Family Game Store, hosted the DC Dice Masters Archers Open Play event. We drafted cards and dice from the Green Arrow and The Flash set, which was totally new to me.

The swag offered during the event

Without any experience, I had to guess on which characters would make a good team while we were drafting cards. Sometimes I chose cards for their rarity but didn't get any of the super-rares. I made a mostly villain team from what I drew.

My team (click to enlarge)

The team is also all fist and bolt characters so I chose the action cards Invulnerability and Casualties, both of which have global abilities using bolt and fist energy. The star of my team was the Justice League character Firestorm, who was able to hold the field and keep me covered (most of the time). His special ability required me to have character from every energy type, so I would never get to use it, but this version of Firestorm was cheaper than the other card I drew. He was easy to field and strong enough to knock out other characters and not get knocked out himself.

I won two of the three games I played. In the one I lost, my opponent was able to get a big, tough character, Gorilla Grodd, whose special ability gave +1 attack to his other characters and, more importantly, Overcrush, which allows extra damage to be inflicted on the opponent. I couldn't overcome the onslaught.

Even so, I tied for second place (with two other players) and received some nice prizes.

OP awards from the contest

I had a great time and look forward to the next contest.

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