Monday, November 7, 2016

Cute Kid Pix October 2016

Here's some more pictures of the kids from last month that didn't make it into their own posts.

The toddler tried to an apple au naturel. Usually he has sauce or slices or bites of pie. Here he is biting through the skin!

Trying an apple in its skin

More apple love

Proof of success

We picked the apples at Larriland Farm.

We attended a fun Halloween party at a neighbor's house. The family had a trampoline in the back yard, which the toddler and my daughter enjoyed the most.

Fun on the trampoline

Trick-or-treating on Halloween was also a lot of fun. My older son had a hard time choosing a costume. Grandpa took him shopping. After a long journey, they came home with a pirate outfit. It looked great, especially with Granny's home-crafted cutlass.

My son the pirate

The other two were in re-run costumes. My daughter's Rapunzel dress from last year still fit so she wore it again (thanks, Aunt Vickie!). The toddler wore the same Winnie the Pooh outfit that the other two children have worn in years past.

Showing off her glow stick

What's that smell?!?

They had a pretty big haul. We are still working our way slowly through the stacks of candy.

Too serious?

Taking a photo over Grandpa's photo

Too silly?

Enjoying a lollipop right away!

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