Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Crazy (and Not So Crazy) Quotes

Here's a bunch of quotes that have been waiting to be published. I thought I would get a bunch more but I'm never near the computer when I read a book and find a quote I like.

From "Walk Around Historic Harrogate" by Malcolm Neesam: "Just round the corner from Harrogate theatre, the unusually named BEULAH STREET (once a hotbed of rampant Methodism)..." Neesam also quotes Charles Dickens who visited Harrogate in 1858 and described it as "The queerest place, with the strangest people, leading the oddest lives..."

From the health and hygiene section of The Time Traveller's Guide to Medieval England by Ian Mortimer: "So, as long as you can get enough to eat, and can avoid all the various lethal infections, the dangers of childbirth, lead poisoning and the extreme violence, you should live a long time. All you have to worry about are the doctors." [p. 209]

From Adler's Philosophical Dictionary by Mortimer Adler: "We cannot understand what it means to say that man is a rational animal without, at the same time, recognizing that a rational animal is a freak of nature. The nature of a rational animal is a mixture of incompatible elements." [p. 74]

From the Tippecanoe Battlefield Museum: "The greatest tragedies in history occur not when right confronts wrong but when two rights confront each other." Henry Kissinger

From Medieval Women Mystics, quoting Julian of Norwich: "I am not good because of this vision, but only if I love God more because of it. And to the extent that you love God more than I do, you are that much better than I am. I am not saying this to those who are wise, for they know it well enough. But I am saying it to you who are simple, to give you peace and comfort, for we are in fact all one in love. And truly it was not shown to me that God loves me more than the least soul that is in a state of grace. I am sure that there are many who never had any revelations or visions outside the ordinary teaching of Holy Church and yet who love God more than I do. [p. 132]

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