Monday, December 19, 2016

Fall Backyard Fun 2016

This fall we've had a lot of fun (and some work) in our back yard.

Leaf raking is still mostly a Daddy chore. We like to compost what we can, so I rake the leaves into the bottom corner of the yard. In order to mash them down, we enlist the aid of our children.

The falling part of Fall isn't just for leaves. We've had plenty of sticks and branches come down too. My kids were happy to use them, along with any other things they could find, to make some forts.

My son's fort is a collaboration between many neighborhood kids (including my son). They've had one or two collapses but are always glad to rebuild. The worst collapse was when the old shower curtain they were using for a roof accumulated too much rainwater and caved in! Building is half the fun anyway.

They even used the back yard gate, which means we can't close it!

Alternate view

My daughter was helped by Grandpa. They used some of the stumps left over from when we had to take down a couple of trees that were threatening the house. I'm not sure where the old railroad tie came from!

Another fort

The front view

The toddler did not build a fort. He had a fun time on our swing set instead.


Close up

At the top of the slide

Climbing up the rock-climbing side

Climbing up the ladder side

We have a wiffle-ball set (including bases and a pitcher's plate) that is used quite often for either a family game or when the neighborhood boys are over. It's big fun, except when we hit balls over the fence and then have to walk the long way around to retrieve them. We need a good old-fashioned English stile!

Ready to bat in the twilight hours of the day

The stile would be perfect for preventing other visitors from getting in.

That's right, eat the neighbor's grass

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