Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Return to Storyville

While Granny was visiting, we took the toddler to Storyville, a popular pre-schooler destination at the Woodlawn branch of the Baltimore Public Library. The older kids have been their several times. For my daughter's sixth birthday over the summer, Granny and Grandpa tried to take her to Storyville but were turned away because it is for the five and under crowd. This trip was much more satisfying. Here's some of the stuff my toddler enjoyed.

He knows his numbers but not his hop-scotch, so he just read from this mat.

Counting on fun

The grocery store was very popular with plenty of colorful items to buy and cash registers to check out.

Plastic produce picking

A favorite area for my boy was the little bit of forest. The back wall has several niches with stuffed animals inside. A button below lets visitors here the noise the animals make. The owl was very easy to identify by look or sound but we were less sure about this gopher/groundhog/whatchamacallit.

What's this one?

Going for a closer look

The forest has one upright tree with a small staircase winding up into a small playroom. This spot was also fun but crowded, with the occasional traffic jams on the stairs.

Almost to the top!

A fake fallen log made a good tunnel for crawling through, as well as a good spot for saving trapped animals.

Raccoon and fox in trouble

Inside the log

The small stone wall was a good spot for climbing, sitting, and relaxing.

Enjoying plastic rocks

My toddler had a great time and we will probably go back soon.

Camera selfie

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