Friday, December 2, 2016

Cute Kid Pix November 2016

Here's more pictures that didn't make their own blog post.

My toddler got a hold of the phone and managed to get some nice shots of himself.

Looking cute

Adding me in

For my birthday this month, we went to Rams Head Tavern at one of our favorite local spots, the Historic Savage Mill. We had brunch there since they have a Jazz trio playing live for Sunday brunch. I had the beer sampler, which seemed a little decadent at 11:30 in the morning. It was my birthday.

Sampler mat

For those interested, here are the beers included:
  • Gypsy Lager--A fairly standard lager, not my favorite style of beer, so this was not high on my list.
  • Rams Head IPA--Again, IPAs aren't my favorite style of beer (too bitter), so this was not my favorite drink here.
  • Oak Barrel Stout--I really liked the robust flavor of this stout.
  • Copperhead Ale--A yummy amber ale, I found this very tasty.
  • Wisteria Wheat--When I want a light-flavor beer, I choose wheat beers. This is a fun and crisp drink.
  • Seasonal Brew, Baltic Porter--Another dark and lovely beer, it made me smile. 
My favorites were the Oak Barrel Stout and the Baltic Porter.

In other news, scouts are still going strong. We had a pack meeting where the boys made care packages for those serving in the military. It was a fun meeting for the kids. We also found out that we had massive popcorn sales far exceeding expectations. Good times!

My son at the pack meeting

My daughter made a turkey at school from an apple and various bits of candy. She was quite proud and had fun eating the candy part of her turkey.

Turkey from school!

Also at school, Scholastic had a big book sale with a pirate theme called "Bookaneer." We posed with a pirate.

Pirate bird

My family with the pirate

The toddler was obsessed with the  teacher who dressed up as Geronimo Stilton, a popular character in kid's book who is a mouse. He was giving high fives and every time we moved off to look at books, he wanted to go back to the big mouse. I had to pick the toddler up every time for the high five, so no pictures of that!

My daughter repeated the school turkey project for our Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Hard to carve turkey

My older son managed to make a tower out of our full set of Wedgits. Sadly, the tower didn't last long once the toddler walked through the room. I was able to preserve it.

Ultimate tower of mega-power

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