Thursday, December 22, 2016

Library Christmas Fun 2016

Our local library has its usual holiday-themed story times for the first couple of weeks in December. Frosty the Snowman was up first. My toddler and I went on Monday to story time but it was too crowded in the room and he asked to leave. Rather than insist on staying and making everyone unhappy, we headed out into the main part of the library and wandered around. About twenty minutes later, toward the end of story time, Frosty arrived and waited patiently outside the room. My toddler spotted him and was fascinated. We walked over. At first, he was too shy to go near Frosty. I suggested I high five, which got the desired result.

High fiving Frosty

The girl was another refugee from overcrowded lands. She was slightly braver. They both got a hug from Frosty.

Hug time!

The library staff took some pictures too. Frosty went in and we watched from outside as he danced. My son had a good time but was unwilling to wait in the line for an official photo with Frosty.

Tuesday night the library usually has pajama time, at which children can come in their PJs for some stories and songs. My wife took the toddler (the other kids weren't interested) and managed to get the whole program in, including the craft!

At the work station

Lovely final product

They did manage to get a good spot in line and have the traditional picture with Frosty.

Becoming good pals (with the block)

The next week featured Santa at story time. My son and I went on Monday, arriving late. We were so late that we could get in the photo-op line and not wait long, which is what we did. The short wait was enough for my son to pick a book out. When we went into the alcove where Santa was sitting, my son was nervous about approaching him. I again suggested high-fiving, which he was perfectly willing to do. He sat down with his book and we tried to get a picture of both of them looking at the camera.

Reading to Santa

Looking warily

We were unable to make it to a story time later in the week, so no Santa craft. Maybe next year!

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