Monday, April 17, 2017

Baking Biscuits

More Great British Baking Show inspired goodness! The toddler and the daughter were drafted into biscuit-making duties. To be clear, these were American-style biscuits, the sort served like dinner rolls (though just as often served at breakfast as at dinner), not British-style biscuits, the sort served for dessert (like Americans cookies).

Master chefs

We used a recipe from BakeWise by Shirley O. Corriher, which necessitated the use of special flour. Like we don't already have enough "special flours."

A sampling from our cabinet

Mixing up the dough was easy enough. Flour, salt, and sugar are easy to combine with a whisk or spoon.

Sister stirring up something other than trouble!

The method calls from some "hands-on" activity--mixing in the shortening by hand.

Four hands makes it go four times as fast, right?

Cream and buttermilk are added until the dough has the consistency and look of cottage cheese.

Just right

The dough is then divided into balls and coated with some flour. They are put next to each other in the final baking pan so that the biscuits will rise up rather than out.

Ready for baking?

The recipe recommends buttering them while they are hot, which we gladly did.

More butter!

Carefully brushing on with a hand method

The biscuits did come out as a big mass of biscuity goodness. When we went to separate them, it was all too easy. And all too tasty!

Easy separation!

A happy cook!

In case you want to get the book (which we highly recommend), here's the Amazon link!

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