Monday, April 3, 2017

Library Pics March 2017

March brings Spring to the northern hemisphere. Our local library had a bunch of story times with bugs and insects as the theme. We try to go to the story times that include crafts, resulting in some fun bring-home items.

One story time had a "five little bees" story with an accompanying craft. Our toddler loved bees who aren't scary (i.e. noisy, stingy, and floaty). Such bees are easy to put in their place.

Gluing bees near a bee hive

Where do I go for my hand stamp?

Cheeky pose for the camera

On a later week we heard a variety of bug stories and got to make our own butterfly. The craft was very simple (one stick, one yellow tissue paper for wings, one purple cardstock paper for the body). My boy still needed some help. The craft box came with some crayons but we couldn't figure out where to draw. The toddler isn't adept enough to draw a face on the tiny butterfly head.

Gluing it together

"Is that a butterfly up there?"

"Maybe not..."

We are looking forward to April's story times!

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