Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Dual/Duel Review: Scones vs. Croissants

Dual/Duel reviews are an online smackdown between two books, movies, games, podcasts, etc. etc. that I think are interesting to compare, contrast, and comment on. For a list of other dual/duel reviews, go here.

Inspired by watching The Great British Baking Show on Netflix, we had a little home version of the show where we pitted the French croissant against the English scone (which isn't really what they do on the television show, but it seemed like it would be fun anyway).

We've had a lot of experience making scones, so that part was easy. My daughter is not into raisins/currants, so we made two types of scones, those with and those without.

An unapproved scone

The croissants required more work and more helpers. After mixing and folding and mixing and folding, we had to roll out the dough in thin strips. By "we" I mean our older son, who usually isn't into baking but this was an "all hands on deck" endeavor.

Why aren't there M&M scones yet?

My daughter did the final rolling/twisting to get the proper croissant shape.

Rolling the dough

A bunch ready for the oven

 Cooking mostly went well. A lot of the butter leaked out while baking--we aren't sure what that was about but it was probably wrong. The scones looked okay but weren't as light and crispy as some that we've had.

Cooling the scones

Nice color if not proper crescent shape

Looks light and flaky

Overhead shot

When we had the taste test, the scones were definitely the winners. Maybe if the contest hadn't been a home-made contest, the croissants would have had a better chance. The croissants take a lot of prep work, so we probably won't make them again.

The final contestants





Maybe we'll do a "from the bakery" challenge as a rematch in the future.

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