Thursday, April 20, 2017

Chester Springs Creamery/Milky Way Farm

On our Easter break trip to Pennsylvania, we visited the Chester Springs Creamery and Milky Way Farm. We arrived in the early evening (around 6:30 p.m.) and the place was full of people. The weather was warm enough for ice cream but not so hot as to make the outdoors uncomfortable (either through temperature or insects).

View from the parking lot

Farm buildings

The back of one of the buildings

We decided to visit the animals first before trying out the ice cream parlor. The farm has a lot of the standard animals--sheep and goats and pigs and, of course, cows.

A wise-looking goat

Recently-shorn sheep?

"I'm ready for my close up!"

Pigs also lying down on the job

Baby animals hanging out together

Cow-nga line?

Ready for milking?

The creamery was the highlight of our visit. They make their own ice cream on the farm from their cows' milk, so it is the freshest of the fresh.

Exterior of the ice cream parlor

Milky Way memorabilia

We lucked out and managed to get in line when it wasn't too long. Four or five stations were serving customers, so the line moved quickly. The cones are sold by weight, so the more flavors you ask for, the more you will pay!

A long line for ice cream

The ice creams are all named after cows. I had Bea's Banana Chocolate Chunk, which was very yummy and creamy. Happily I had a cold so I couldn't share with anyone!

Bea's Banana Chocolate Chunk

A window lets visitors see where they create delicious ice cream. We were there on Sunday so no one was working. We may have to go back...

Where the magic happens!

The shop also has a book rack with kids' books. My sons took advantage while the adults took their time enjoying the delicious ice cream.

Reading at the creamery

The Chester Springs Creamery is well worth a visit. They offer tours and a summer camp, among other educational opportunities, so it's a great place well worth supporting.

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