Monday, October 16, 2017

Cute Kid Pix September 2017

More pictures that didn't make their own post...

The library had fun story times in September. The first one we went to had "numbers" as a theme. The craft had a squirrel gathering nuts, which is related to numbers because there are five nuts? We didn't really care.

Getting the glue ready

Attaching the nuts

All done!

The next week's word of the week was "friend." The stories were fun (Elephant and Piggie made their appearance, among others) and the craft was a bit more complex. Two arms came together to make a hug. We didn't have to staple the arms together since they had slits that interlocked. My son couldn't quite get it but I had it done in no time. He colored the face and glued on a little sentiment.

Working on the craft

How did you get that together?

I can't quite look at the camera

One night coming home, I discovered an amphibian on our driveway. He must have been asleep or too mellow to care about having a person nearby or having a picture taken.

A toad in the road

My daughter did a painting project on the front porch which happily didn't paint the front porch.

Painting with care

Joy of painting!

She also started a fencing class, which has inspired us to watch The Adventures of Robin Hood and Cyrano de Bergerac.

Fencing in action

My older son started fall baseball, with his first game on the hottest Saturday in September. His team won 8-4.

My son at bat

We went to World of Beer for lunch (it is a restaurant) and I ordered a Diamondback Leg Day, a Belgian quad with a whopping 11% alcohol by volume. The waitress took our order. A few minutes later the other waiter came with our drinks including my beer in a pint glass. I was surprised because the menu said it would come in a tulip glass (less beer to go with the higher alcohol) but drank it anyway. The waitress came by later with a dark beer in a tulip glass which I assumed was for another table, but sure enough, it was another Diamondback Leg Day. I had to taste to make sure they were both the same. I got the second beer free!

Best mistake ever!

The restaurant also had an awesome German pretzel which we all enjoyed.

Great pretzel

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