Monday, October 9, 2017

Marbles Kids Museum, Raleigh, Part I

While in Raleigh, we visited the Marbles Kids Museum, a downtown museum featuring interactive kids' exhibits. My children were excited to go because we have been to plenty of kids' museums and had plenty of fun at each one.

Marbles's logo

We arrived right at opening time, so the place was fairly empty. The very first thing we played with was large foam construction pieces that my older children tried to turn into a marble ramp. Too bad they had no foam marbles!

A quiet entranceway

Working on foam construction pieces

Ramp with wheels if not marbles

Trying out a bigger wheel

Further in, we discovered a lower-than-regulation basketball hoop with fun watermelon-colored balls to throw through the hoop.

Two balls in the air

Ready to catch one

A large chess set was ready to go so my son challenged me to a game.

Daughter makes a last adjustment

My son makes a capture

We visited the Around Town area, where children can experience the adult world scaled down to their size. This section is very popular and has many favorite for my toddler--driving vehicles, shopping at a grocery store, and cooking food.

Driving a "big" truck

Done shopping; big sister is readying the kitchen

The ambulance was a fun spot for all the kids to try out their medical skills (happily, not on me).

An ambulance (without the siren)

Inside the ambulance

What's this machine do?


The area also has a farm experience which was fun for all!

Maybe not as fun for him

Checking out the chickens--"Nugget" seems like a terrible name for a chicken

Rube Goldberg-style feeding mechanism

The coolest part was the TV weathercaster station. Not only did it have a green screen, it also had some green clothes/sheets so that the children could make themselves disappear!

Practicing the weather forecast

Reporting with just one head

What the broadcast looks like

I managed to pry the kids out of that section to go upstairs. The stairs are an interactive piano, making the climb fun!

Corporate-sponsored staircase?

The Power2Play section has both sports opportunities and healthy eating options. The older kids were more interested in sports; the toddler was happy to cook again!

Entering the Power2Play area

More basketball!


My strong daughter

Checking out the other equipment

Using a pulley to get up in life

More strong girl muscles at work

The star attraction here is the hockey rink. Children put on special socks, then slip and slide their way on the rink in an effort to score some goals. A mom was in with her two sons and was very glad to see some other kids show up so she didn't have to keep playing!

Playing hockey!

Easy without a goalie

Meanwhile, the toddler was cooking up something special.

Making grilled cheese the old-fashioned way

What if I add pineapple to your grilled cheese?

One last workout before moving on

We found a cool window that reminds me of the Millennium Falcon cockpit.

Ready to fly

More in the next post!

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