Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Son Turns Ten

My eldest has turned ten! For his birthday, like last year, he wanted a Nintendo-themed party. The star of this year's part was probably the cake, which was in the shape of an ? Box. These boxes can be found in many Mario games. When a player hits one, a special bonus is revealed--a coin, a power-up, etc. My wife was clever enough to add gold coins inside the cake. First, she baked several layers. Then she cut the middle out of some, leaving a hollow inside the cake. Icing held it all together and kept the secret.

Layers of cake

Gold coins!

Sealing it up

Cutting out decorations

Attaching decorations (see a sample box between the wrists!)

Happy craftsman

The day of the party, we had the guests dress up just like they were making Mii characters on the Nintendo Wii. The boys were very creative.

Sorting through items

Not sure who this is

Birthday boy

Mario/Pac-man hybrid

Minimalist costume

Duh Hand

Mario/Shirley Temple hybrid

The whole gang

We had some indoor activities including a treasure hunt and a bit of actual playing on the Wii. After pizza dinner, we ate the cake, which was delightful to all.

Candles blown out

The final activity was the "boss stage" where the party goers faced off against King Boo. King Boo manifested himself in the form of a piƱata hanging in the garage. Revelers lined up for a go at knocking him out.

Ready to strike

The face of Boo

Using glasses doesn't necessarily help

Daughter takes a whack

Birthday boy goes for the knock down

The kids loved the party. My son said it was his best birthday party yet. How will we top it next year?

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  1. Next year he will have to get his invitation to Hogwarts.