Tuesday, October 31, 2017

AHG Fall Camping 2017

My daughter has joined our church's American Heritage Girls troop. They went on a camping trip in October. She had gone with my son and me to a Cub Scout camp out back in the spring and she was excited to get her own experience. She also insisted that Mommy come along and not Daddy, which Mommy wasn't so excited about (but she did have a great time).

They camped at Fort Frederick State Park, which was having a re-enactment weekend. A small troop of soldiers demonstrated various firing techniques and formations.

Reenacting military drills

The fort had more than just soldiers there. Another re-enactor was demonstrating embroidery from the 1800s. The woman soon had the whole troop surrounding her. She gave out small practice projects to all the girls and taught them the back stitch.

Demonstrating embroidery

Like others in the troop, my daughter did not wait to get home to try it out!

A stitch in time gets the job done

An hour later, still working hard 

After several hours of happy work, she finished her first project. She enjoyed it so much that she went back and asked for another kit to work on in the evening.


She then wanted to go fishing. Most of the troop had already gone. Another mom and daughter also wanted to go. They had experience so they were perfect companions. The other mom was especially helpful at finding bait (sorry earthworm!) and hooking it on the fishing lines, actions for which my daughter averted her eyes. She did learn casting techniques and was able to catch the only fish of the day for the whole troop!

Throwing out the line

Reeling something in

With advanced imaging techniques you may be able to see a 3 inch fish in the water.

Blurry view of the catch

Returned for a peaceful life

After dinner, my daughter got back to her second embroidery project, using the headlamp to ensure two free hands!

Getting more work done!

The next morning the Tenderhearts (1st-3rd grade) were in charge of breakfast, so she helped cook. 

Getting instruction in the camp kitchen

Slicing up muffins

The morning was rainy, so people did not stay long. It was a fun trip anyway, even for Mommy.

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