Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Cute Kid Pix October 2017

Pictures from last month that didn't make their own post...

We have a couple of board game apps on our iPad, one of which is Star Realms. The toddler loves to play it even though he hardly ever wins. We also have the physical game, which is a big deck of cards and a set of instructions. He's taken to laying the game out and playing with me. Mostly he asks me what to do when we play. The game play is interesting.

Drawing five cards for his hand

Asking advice of a Green Lantern is probably a good thing

A small deer was caught in our back yard. As we drove up we saw the deer run through an open gate. We went through the house to the back porch to see if he was still there.

Deer in the back yard!

Close up of deer

 He ran to the back corner of the yard and tried to jump the fence. Crack! His head hit the top of the fence. He wandered back and forth along the fence trying to find his way out. He did not try jumping a second time.

Returning to the scene of the incident

"I could swear there was an exit here!"

He finally managed to get out of the yard back through the gate. The kids were excited to have a pet, ever so briefly.

My older son's first season of baseball finished. The games have been fun, though the 9-10 year-old level is not the highest skill level. He did score several runs over the season and had a great time.

Baseball team

The Cub Scout pack meeting had some fun Halloween games, including Halloween bingo and "avoid the lava" hopscotch.

All I need is a disembodied eyeball!

Watch out for the brown lava!

My daughter is still enjoying fencing, especially with her pink protective gear!

Fencing in action!

We went to World of Beer in Bethesda after visiting Hillwood Estate, Museum, and Gardens. The cool thing at this location is a giant Jenga set which kept the kids occupied until food came.

Playing with blocks!

Naturally, the month ended with Halloween. Costumes were fun and decided earlier than last year, so no last minute rush drove everyone crazy.

A pretty kitty



Fun group shot

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