Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Library Adventures October 2017

The local library hosted a Sandra Boynton sing-a-long which also included playing along and dancing along. Boynton has some fabulous books that include music. Frog Trouble and Philadelphia Chickens are favorites at our house.

Playing rhythm sticks to Boynton's Pots and Pans

Looking at the camera

Dancing with bells

Very focused on dancing

Another visit to the library had stories, songs, and activities related to fall. My son made a tree full of colorful leaves.

Gluing the leaves

A bit of coloring

Finished work, signed with assistance from Dad

The next week was storybook friends with Pete the Cat. Pete is a feline who often falls into hardships. In one story, he goes walking in his white shoes singing a song about them, only to step into strawberries (turning the shoes red), blueberries (turning them blue), etc. Every time, Pete doesn't get upset and continues enjoying his walk, singing about his red shoes or his blue shoes, etc. He's a resilient fellow. Another story has him losing buttons off his shirt, until the only button he has left is his belly button! The craft was a coloring page to which we glued some buttons. They haven't fallen off yet!


More coloring

He does use every crayon in the cup

Since the glue had to dry, we did not get an "on the spot" picture. By the time we were home, the toddler was on to other things. Here's how it turned out...

Finished product

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