Monday, November 13, 2017

Wonder Woman Cake

Having discovered a cake pan from my wife's distant past, my daughter wanted to try out making a Wonder Woman cake. The cake pan is in the shape of DC Comics's number one superheroine. Naturally, the start was making cake mix.

Wonder Woman was made out of clay, not cake mix

Pouring into a powdered pan

One of the tricks in making a shaped cake is to ensure no air holes between the pan and the cake batter. If air holes persist, the shape won't come out right. Extra care and effort were called for.


The other big trick is removing the cake gently so as to preserve the shape. Flouring the pan before cooking helps, as does careful separating at the edges.

Freeing Wonder Woman from her prison

Initial frosting

Not sure what this is

Filling in detail with colors is a fun part, with slightly lighter hair than usual for the Amazonian Princess.

Fixing her hair

Despite the best efforts, details of Dianna's face were lost on the cake. We melted some white chocolate and put it in the pan, resulting in a fabulous face mask.

Face of a hero

The best thing about the cake was the eating afterwards. Yum! Unfortunately, we ate it too quickly and didn't take a picture of the fully-decorated glory of the cake. We'll just have to make another one!

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