Friday, December 22, 2017

Christmas Photos From Before Christmas

My daughter's American Heritage Girls troop had a "Breakfast with Santa" fundraiser. We were too busy eating breakfast to take pictures of it (pancakes, sausages, tatter tots) but we did get some snaps with Santa.

Facing Santa

Us and Santa

Adding Granny and Grandpa

Our local library had its traditional week of storytimes with Frosty the Snowman, including a fun craft for our prescholar. The craft was more interesting than the "surprise" visit by Frosty. My son was blissfully unaware and continued building his own Frosty. Later, he had no problem both waiting in line and getting a picture taken with Frosty.

Gluing a snowflake

Gluing on his nose

Finished snowman

Frosty visits the classroom

The photo-op

We put up our tree on December 9. Festive music played from our online account. We have a fake tree that we've been using for years. Putting it together is a fun puzzle for the kids (which branches are bigger and go on the bottom?). Team work on the tinsel and lights is a little more challenging. A good time was had by all.

Adding the angel to the top

Adding ornaments (and silliness)

More silliness

Making sure the back of the tree is ornamented

Final result

The library then had its traditional week of storytimes with Santa, so we went back for another fun craft and photo op. The craft was a tree with presents under it. My son's version may not look like it, but it's true.

Craft was a Christmas tree with presents

Ignoring Santa

Adding tinsel to the tree?

Finished product

They gave specific instructions for the photo op--Santa was a bit tired out from sleigh riding and couldn't have any kids sit on his lap. My boy was a bit standoffish anyway.

The photo op

Looking cute

We did our annual cookie making and decorating with my sister and niece. We had a lot of fun cooking cookies. Decorating was a little more challenging since my daughter and we parents had to go to the Court of Awards for her American Heritage Girls troop.

Rolling dough

Cutting out the dough

Ready to bake

In the oven

Out of the oven



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