Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Cute Kid Pix November 2017

More pictures that didn't make their own blog post...

Our local library participated in Maryland's 2017 STEM festival with a scientific-themed playtime--Marvelous Magformers. Magformers are geometric shapes with magnets inside that can be connected to each other in amazing ways. My young son, after playing with some duplos, got into the fun.

Starting with Duplos

Not the most stable tower

Dinosaur helps out

Not sure about these Magformer thingies

More comfortable

He did get a bit abstract with his construction, promising a future in the arts, or at least in art museums.

Maryland had a STEM festival which was supported by more than the library. A local museum had a bunch of STEM activities one night. We went straight for the "use math to get out of handcuffs," though that turned out to be more than (and less than) we bargained for. The cuffs weren't real handcuffs, just two loops with a big string in between. Two people would be cuffed with the long string looped through and then they would have to figure out how to separate without taking the "handcuffs" off. There wasn't really any math or any handcuffs or even getting the handcuff-subsitutes off. I'd seen this before so I knew the solution but the kids couldn't figure it out and just got frustrated. So that was the end of STEM night at the museum.

Getting strung out over a couple of strings

The cub scout pack meeting had the boys making care packages for soldiers stationed overseas, as well as practicing some Christmas tunes for a nursing home visit in December. Hopefully we'll have some pics in December!

My son the scout

The elementary school had their book fair. We went on Friday night and got pictures with a celebrity!

Meeting Clifford

Hugging Clifford

We did buy way too many books, as usual. We were supporting a good cause, right?

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