Thursday, March 8, 2018

Blue and Gold 2018

This year's Blue and Gold Dinner for our Cub Scout pack had video games as its theme. One of the traditions is to sell Father/Son cakes to raise money for the pack. My two boys started on the project with some help from mommy.

Seriously working on the cake

Less seriously working on the cake

We're almost done

We decided to make the cake from Portal (of "The cake is a lie" fame). It looks like a regular chocolate cake with cherries nestled in bits of white frosting. Adding cherries was the most fun part of making the cake.

Putting down some white frosting

Cherry placing

That's my hand there not really helping out

Last one

We were satisfied with the result.

Top view

Side view

From the game

At the dinner, it looked very good, especially with some supporting game art.

On sale!

Some of the other cakes were impressive, too.

Mario cake

Campfire cake

At the dinner, my son's den received their recently completed awards. As is typical, they looked a little uncomfortable.

My son is the tall one

The dinner's main purpose is to celebrate the oldest cub scouts who have finished their Arrow of Light and are joining Boy Scout troops. Part of the ceremony is "bridging" to the new group, usually involving an actual bridge. The pack's old bridge was in bad shape, so the cub master made a new bridge which was unveiled that evening.

Covered bridge

The new bridge

Bridging ceremony

My son also won a door prize that was highly coveted by the boys--a gift card for GameStop. We haven't used it yet but I am sure that will come very soon.

Best! Door! Prize! Ever!

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