Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Blue and Gold Dinner 2017

My son's Cub Scout pack had their Blue and Gold Dinner. Part of the celebration was auctioning off Father-Son cakes. The theme of the dinner was Pokemon, so we decided to combine Scouting and Pokemon on the cake. We needed to make some characters for the top of the cake. A video on YouTube taught us an easy way to make Charmander, a small dragon-like creature. We started with some red fondant.

Making the monsters!

We had some help from Mommy and sister to get the bellies and the feet (which are marzipan, to make a little variety).

Body with belly, legs, and arms

The video has a complicated (though great looking) way to make the flame for Charmander's tail. We passed on making the flames since we were making small characters, not a cake topper like in the video.

We didn't have the fancy carving tool either

The monsters came out well.

For the gaga ball pit, we bought some chocolate graham cracker sticks. Stacking the walls two sticks high made a good looking pit. We sprinkled in some cinnamon sugar for dirt.

Assembling the gaga ball pit

Add dirt

The final product was very satisfying for us.

Charmanders in!

With some nice piping

Overhead shot

The dinner itself was more relaxed than in previous years. It was just a dinner with the monthly awards for the boys. The bridging ceremony for the Arrows of Light (the Webelos who are moving on to Boy Scout Troops) was more elaborate, which was fun to see. We had a great time and came home with a different cake than the one we brought.

My son getting his monthly patches/belt loops from the Cubmaster

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