Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Grace Geocaching

We noticed a local church has four geocaches on its grounds. With some unseasonably warm weather in February, we went to find them. The caches were fun, but not as fun as the property. A big field behind the church has a playground, which was a big hit with our toddler.

Where's the toddler?

His favorite spot was the sand box, of which we didn't get any photos. My older son was happy to see a gaga ball pit.

Gaga ball pit with toddler and mommy in the distance

One of the geocaches was in the back of the field. as my older son and I headed across we discovered a scary animal.
Uhm, what's that?!?

Happily it turned out to be a fake, perhaps to scare away...someone. Not sure who...

Facing your fear

The cache was just downhill from a fun hillside slip and slide. Even with the unseasonably warm weather, it was still too cold to try it out (plus, it's not our church and we don't know the rules for the slide).
Top of the slide

Slide from below

The final cache was a fun find in some pine trees. My son found it before me which made him very happy.

Found the cache!

We discovered that we are up to 384 geocache finds--this may be the year we break into the 400s. Our toddler still isn't up to bushwhacking into remote caches, but these easier caches are good for him to come along.

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