Monday, February 6, 2017

Wine Tasting

For Christmas, we received a wine rating and set of bottles gift. We put in our promotion code on line at Tasting Room's web site. They mailed us a sampler set of wine bottles to determine our tastes.

Fancy box

Inside the box

I should mention the mailing package had an interesting disclaimer:


We followed the handy instructions included in the lid of the box.

Go online, drink, and rate, what could be easier?

We tried the whites and weren't too impressed with them. We moved on quickly to the reds. The sampling reds were Trilus Pinot Noir (California), Chateau de Win Bordeaux (France), Le Ruse Renard Cotes du Rhone (France), and Bull's Head Red Wine (California). We used the handy mat to mark which wine was in which glass.

Rating the four reds

This picture looks a little weird to me, have I been drinking too much?

Our favorite of the bunch was the Pinot Noir (though we did like the other ones), which gave us some interesting feedback...

Wait, what are you saying about our tastes?!?

After submitting our reviews, the web site generated a list of bottles to send us based on our feedback. Feeling bad about the white wines, we substituted in a Riesling for one of their recommendations. The shipment came quite quickly and with a similar disclaimer on the box...

More thorough instructions

First level of the box

Second level of the box

The box they sent to us included Nohemi Cotes du Rhone (France, 2014), Mythmaker Sangiovese (Italy, 2015), Chulengo Cabernet Reserva (Chile, 2015) Lustra Semi-Sweet Reisling (California, 2014),  La Foret Pinot Noir (France, 2015), and Carrete Cabernet Sauvignon (Chile, 2015).

The usual suspects

Of course, we do have to finish our open wine before we dive into the new wines. We are sure to start in on them very soon.

Is this why our tastes lack "subtlety or nuance"?

Thanks Nate and Helen for a wonderful gift that we will keep enjoying for quite a while!

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