Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Book Review: Doctor Strange: The Way of the Weird by J. Aaron et al.

Doctor Strange: The Way of the Weird written by Jason Aaron, penciled and colored by Chris Bachalo

After a brief (one page) review of Doctor Strange's back story, this book leaps into his life as Sorcerer Supreme living in New York City. He has plenty of odd psychic jobs to do. He helps out a librarian from the Bronx who has mind maggots coming out her skull; she is willing to repay him by organizing his (rather dangerous) library. Meanwhile, a big mission is looming, threatening both magicians and Sorcerers Supreme in many different dimension, and that threat is on its way to Earth.

The book has a good blend of comedy, drama, and magic. Stephen Strange is still somewhat full of himself, leading to comic dialogue. The big threat, magical death and destruction in other dimensions, is slowly revealed, building up the dramatic stakes. The depiction of the magical in our world (what Strange sees through his third eye) is well done and easy to understand--nothing too weird or incomprehensible ever happens. The story is enjoyably written and drawn.

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