Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Cute Kid Pix January 2017

More pics of the kids that didn't make it into a blog post...

We didn't take a lot of pictures this Christmas. Too much fun going on. My older son has been using an app to learn how to play the piano. He does a good job with some songs (though not as many or as well as his sister who is taking lessons). He played over Christmas for us and our guests.

Playing festively

Maybe not the festivist mood

Our tree after present were opened

The toddler is going regularly to the library but not as regularly to story time. The library hosts an open play time on Tuesdays which is fun but free form and not very photogenic. We did go to a regular story time with a "winter friends" theme. After stories about penguins and polar bears (though they weren't in the same stories, a relief to those particular about keeping the inhabitants of the North and South Poles in place), we had a craft involving neither. My son made a fox to take home.

Gluing the fox together

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