Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Visiting the Mall Play Areas 2016

We took the kids to our local shopping mall's playground, including a ride on the indoor carousel. The visit was good fun, especially for the toddler who is just the right age for everything.

He loves slides which the playground has in plenty.

The book slide

The ambulance slide

Calling for some help

He still likes to hold hands going down steep slides, so the ambulance required some assistance.

A big milk jug was another spot from which to slide down. The toddler needed boosts to get up and his sister was great at helping him get down.

On the milk jug

He wanted a break so we climbed the stairs. The view of the playground from upstairs is nice.

The mall playground

Back at the playground, we played with big sister on a toothbrush. The playground is sponsored by a local hospital (maybe they are hoping to get some business from it?) so it has some health-themes, like the fruit and vegetable slide and the ambulance slide.

On the toothbrush

Switching sides

After getting our fill of the playground, we went back up the stairs and down the hall to the carousel. When we came around the corner, the toddler was very excited. He wanted to ride a horse while everyone else wanted to spin as fast as possible on the tea cup.

Toddler and dad

Tea cup with the cousins

Another shot of the tea cup

We walked back to the food court for lunch (Chick-fil-A for my toddler and his brother; McDonalds for my daughter--no surprises there). On the way we passed one of those inflatable mattress stores. My toddler loves to push the "softer" button on the window every time we pass.

Pushing the largest button ever

The visit to the mall was fun, even if we didn't do much shopping (which, I'll be honest, was more fun for me).

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