Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Toddler Levels Up Again

Our toddler is getting bigger, smarter, and more coordinated every day. The rate of change is impressive and worrying. Luckily, we have two older siblings to help keep up with him!

He is getting better at singing and dancing, which isn't so much of a problem. His taste in music is mostly based on YouTube videos, with Pentatonix and Sandra Boynton being the current favorites.

He's even shown interest in playing baseball like his big brother, trying on a helmet at the sporting goods store. We were shopping for big brother. Maybe the equipment will still be in good enough shape to be hand-me-downs in six or seven years?

Ready for a snowy world series!

For Christmas, our toddler received some roller skates (thanks Uncle Nate and Auntie Helen!). He had his first experience on a Tuesday night during the family skate at Laurel Skating Center.

Working on his skating skills

A happy skater moving at blurring speeds

He has also figured out how to undo the strap of his highchair, which makes meal and snack times a little more hazardous exciting.

What will you give me not to get down!

Life is a joy, especially because it brings so many new, wonderful, and surprising things!

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