Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Ice Skating Lessons 2017

Our daughter asked for ice skating lessons after a fun session during the Christmas break. My wife hunted around for the best lessons we could find, putting her in a class at the Gardens Ice House in Laurel. The center is huge with four large rinks and the National Capital Curling Center right next door. They have hockey leagues, figure skating, birthday parties, and lessons. My daughter was assigned to instructor Greg who is great with kids. He told them his first rule is "No smiling." Several kids broke the rule immediately. Greg even broke his own rule (and acknowledged it) a few times! He's good at teaching skills and creating a fun environment.

Instructor checks his list

Catching a smiler

The first skill the children learned was falling down. Everyone aced it. Then they learned how to get back up, one skate at a time.

Everyone shares a natural talent

The next skill after falling and standing up on skates was marching across the rink with skates in a V-shape. The kids did a little coasting but mostly walking. This skill was also easy to do.

Marching across the rink

Getting separated from the crowd

The final skill for the first lesson was moving back and forth by alternating from a V-shape to an A-shape. The instructor drew little fish on the ice with a sharpie. Each student had their own personal practice area. This skill was the toughest to get down.

Don't cut the fish!

The rink also has a snack bar. We stopped for some popcorn after the lesson. The treat was a yummy boost to get us home. Future lessons promise to be even more fun!

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  1. Great job! A&I really loved our ice skating trip when we visited.
    - Nate