Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Foil Smores

Since we are always interested in trying new experiments and classic desserts, we attempted to make foil-wrapped smores in our fireplace. We had the fire on for New Year's Day and used our smore-making kit from Christmas (thanks, John and Lisa!). The kit did not come with skewers. It didn't recommend using foil, we just decided to experiment.

For those not in the know, a smore is two graham crackers with a piece of chocolate and a roasted marshmallow in the middle. So, some assembly required. Building a smore with an unroasted marshmallow was easy, especially with a very helpful assistant.

Sorting the ingredients

Putting the chocolate in... easier if one cracker is on the table or counter

A little smush goes a long way

We grabbed some aluminum foil and wrapped the uncooked treat.

Like a Christmas present again

The fire was ready.

Not as impressive with the flash on

 We thought five minutes would be the right amount of time and put the foil packet right into the hot coals.

Right in the middle of the action

More ominous-looking without the flash

Five minutes turned out to be too long, or maybe we should have put the packet at the side of the fire rather than right in the middle (it was fun using tongs to put it in and out). The results were overdone.

Smore cooking than it needed

We may try again with subsequent fires.

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