Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Making Babka

We've had a new addition to the household--a fancier bread maker! The old machine has started making strange noises and is likely asking to be retired in its own robotic fashion. My wife heard that other bread machines, i.e. ones with a "jam setting," can make exotic things like risotto, since the machine will stir and cook even at the same time. After careful searching, she found one she liked.

Naturally, the first loaf with the new machine was a regular loaf just to make sure everything works well. (That's why we always hang on to the box for any appliance in case it needs returning.)

"Bake! Enjoy!"--it's practically the Sirius Cybernetics slogan!

First loaf done cooking

A thing of beauty is a joy forever, or at least until it's all eaten.

Goodbye, old friend!

Before it left us, the old bread machine did one last job. It mixed up some dough so we could make babka, a type of chocolate bread. By "we" I mean my daughter under the supervision of Mommy. The machine made some nice dough that was divided into equal shares.

One last batch for old time's sake

Splitting the dough like a proper bank robber

The dough was carefully rolled out and measured to be sure that when rolling time came, the loaf would be the right size and shape.

Twelve inches

Checking for extra

Chocolate is a favorite ingredient in our house. We always test the chocolate chips or the powder for flavor in case it has gone bad. Often, multiple family members demand to test the chocolate ingredient before it is added to the mix.

Mixing ingredients

Final destination

No need to measure with a ruler here

Ready to be rolled

With a little rolling and twisting, the two loaves were ready for the oven.

Not so appetizing yet

Covered to let the dough rise

The bread was a little overbaked (we didn't hear the timer go off since we were in the basement) but the loaves still turned out okay.

One loaf

The other loaf

We look forward to new projects in our new bread maker.

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