Monday, March 14, 2016

Blue and Gold Dinner 2016

My son's Cub Scout Pack had their annual Blue and Gold Dinner. The dinner is a celebration of the founding of Scouting in 1914 and of the scouts' accomplishments this year. Most boys in the pack have completed their requirements for promotion to the next level. The party had a Star Wars theme.

The food had thematic names--Padawan Pizza, Hoth Dogs (both meat and veggie), light saber sticks (carrots and celery). Boys had the option to decorate cakes for sale. There were only three entries but they were impressive.

Cake with extras

Two well-decorated cakes

A bunch of stations were set up around the room. I was in charge of the Light Saber station, where the boys were paired up and had to toss rings around each other's light sabers.

Getting ready to work together

Son and daughter on the same side (of the table--so they weren't partners)

On the down low

Other stations included blaster training, lava rock jumping, and making Endor trail mix.

A nice remix

The awards ceremony saw the Arrows of Light (the oldest Cub Scouts) finishing the Cub program and moving on to Boy Scout troops. My son received his Wolf Badge so he is ready to move up to Bears in June. For some reason, parents had to toss awards into a vent shaft (much like destroying a Death Star) using Force-like prowess.

Like a ring toss

I didn't win at that. We did come home with one of the door prizes, a pair of droids standing around.

These are not the children you are looking for

We also brought home one of the cakes which was delicious as well as pretty.

I want the slice with Boba Fett's face!

Eating the Falcon

X-Wing in trouble!

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