Monday, March 21, 2016

Winter Soccer 2016

The two older kids have been boosting their P.E. by playing in an indoor soccer league. The league has teams at four schools. The first couple of weeks were spent in team and skill building. The main skill for the six-and-a-half to eight-and-a-half year olds is not chasing the ball around the field as a big amorphous blob of children. Other skills include ball control, passing, and defense.

Keeping control of the ball

Following the ball


Another important skill--not using your hands!

They had to choose a team name. Everyone had suggestions which they voted on. Amazingly the name that won out was "The Rabbits." I guess they were going for deceptively unassuming.

The week before their first game they played against their parents. The game was fun but completely unexpected. I had more of a workout than I expected.

Practicing a goal kick

Spreading out

Then they had their first game at home and in their jerseys.

Getting on the court

Ready to start the game

They did a good job working together and managed to score many times.

Brother has sister's back

Switching positions

My son had a great kick sending the ball from his own goal back to the other side of the court. The team did a good job keeping the ball on their opponent's side of the court. My children had a lopsided victory!

Keeping the pressure on

Parent involvement

The subsequent games were all close losses, which was a little disappointing. The games were very exciting.

Warming up at the last game

High action before the game

A great stop

The game had both children and parents seeing action. Since the game was indoors, the ball would often wind up on the sidelines where the parents (and younger siblings) were sitting. Parents who were watching were able to defend themselves from incoming balls. Other parents learned to stop surfing their phones and watch the game, or at least the ball. One child took a direct, high-speed ball to the face. He was okay after a short break. The game was intense and satisfying (except for losing by one point).

Pre-game pep talk

My daughter in action

High fives at the end

Close up of high fives (which certainly look like medium fives)

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