Thursday, March 10, 2016

Hershey's Chocolate World

Hershey's, in addition to being one of the largest sellers of chocolate bars and other sweet treats in America, has a large park in Pennsylvania with a zoo, amusement park, stadium, and a massive retail center. We visited in February so the amusements and zoo were closed and no concerts were scheduled for the stadium. But Hershey's Chocolate World, the retail center, is open year round and features some fun things to do.

Hershey's Chocolate World

The place has a slight factory aesthetic, but is mostly for shopping. The area includes a food court where we had a yummy lunch (including chocolate-infused barbecue sauce, which tastes much better than it sounds).

The Chocolate World is, sadly, not made of chocolate

Food court

We found one game where the kids practiced throwing Hershey's Kisses into slots. They do this virtually through a camera sensor and four big screen TVs.

Working together to get it started

My daughter aims for the center

We asked the children what they wanted to do. My son wanted to see the 4D movie; my daughter wanted to make her own dessert. I took him off to the theater for a sort-of interactive movie experience that wasn't quite good enough to justify the cost (if you want my opinion). My daughter put plenty of work in on her dessert with a little help from her little brother.

Cupcake enhancing!

Someone wants to help

The toppings bar

Can I play with the camera since I can't reach the toppings?

Making progress

A finished product

She loved her dessert while the little one wandered around and looked at things.

Feeling trapped

What are those people doing over there?

We'll explain it when you're older.

We reunited and did the chocolate factory tour (which gets its own post next). We shopped a bit and ran into a chocolate bar.

A sweet dream come true--a chocolate bar bigger than me!

Not so sure about this

Come back for the factory tour in the next post!

That means you!

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