Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Dice Masters: Spider-Allies OP

We had another fun event at Savage Mill's Family Game Store, a rainbow draft organized play event where the rewards were a bunch of Spider-man's allies.

Reward cards (taken from WizKids' website)

My drafting technique this time was to try and fill out my Amazing Spider-man collection, which worked really well. I was able to get ten missing cards! A key card I drafted was the Black Cat uncommon that forces an opponent to re-roll characters already fielded. If the die came up as energy rather than a character face that die was sent to the used pile. Getting rid of a named character die is a one-in-two chance; getting rid of a sidekick die a five-in-six chance. So the odds were in my favor most of the time. I also fielded a nice Blade that would give him a bonus to attacking when fielded and a negative to an opposing character, but he never saw action since he was too expensive to purchase (a six cost is hard to get). Daredevil, Iceman, and Firestar saw more action but they were definitely support to Black Cat.

My team of Spider-Allies

The team did well. I had two games that were decisive victories for me, one that was a close victory, and one a close loss. Unfortunately I lost to the one guy who went undefeated, so I came in second place for the day and only got the participation prize, a Luke Cage card with art from the Marvel Noir line.

Luke Cage, looking retro and cool

I did get four extra booster packs for second place, providing two of the ten new cards I needed. Friends at the draft filled in some other holes with their duplicates, which was awesome. All in all, it was a fun day and a great experience. I can't wait to play again!

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