Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Book Review: The Guild Vol. 1 by Felicia Day et al.

The Guild Volume 1 written by Felicia Day, art by Jim Rugg, and colors by Dan Jackson

In this prequel to the web series The Guild, Cyd Sherman is working as a violinist in an orchestra. Her boyfriend Trevor was in the orchestra but he's trying to hit the big time with a pop band (even though he plays the cello). Being supportive, she takes flyers for the band's next big gig to various shops in town. She goes to a video game store where she gets the owner to put up the flyer if she buys something. She gets "The Game," an MMORPG or Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game set in a fantasy universe. She's already a bit of a nerd, playing Tetris, reading Conan-type books, and using her webcam to make a personal diary at the behest of her therapist. The Game both fits in with her interests and offers her the chance to reinvent herself, something she feels a desperate need for since neither her therapist nor her boyfriend are very supportive. Her real life is a bit of a wreck, can her online life (and the friends she finds) be better?

The story has the awkward and quirky tone of the web series, which isn't surprising since they are both written by Felicia Day. I found it enjoyable since I like the show (though I've only seen the first four of the six seasons). This is a good entry point for the show or a good addition for those who have seen the show and would like some more Guild goodness.


  1. I hadn't heard about this comic before! I love Felicia Day and hope to go to her book signing coming up in April. I will be sure to check out this comic.

  2. They've published a couple of other Guild books but none are available at the library (which is the only way I can afford my graphic novel reading habit!).