Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Random York Stuff

Here's some items from our February York trip that didn't make their own post.

While having dinner at Mudhook Brewing Company, we saw a church across from the Central Market that looked impressive. It's the Heidelberg United Church of Christ, but it wasn't open for visitors.

Heidelberg United Church of Christ

We visited the York Emporium, a used book store with "19,000 sq. ft. of fun stuff." The stuff includes comics, antiques, records, and even arcade games! The kids were amazed by the large, unwieldy game consoles. We parents were nostalgic.

Some of the books

Not for sale

Classics from my childhood

My son drops a quarter and knocks off some aliens

On our drive to Hershey, we almost visited Indian Echo Caverns. My son didn't really want to go exploring and the cost was a little steep ($18 for each adult, $10 for children), so we decided to head straight to the chocolate.

Indian Echo Caverns, unexplored by us

More on Hershey in the next posts!

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