Friday, February 26, 2016

Mudhook Brewing Company, York, Pennsylvania

Superbowl night 2016 (which was a while ago, sorry for the blog lag!) we went out to eat at Mudhook Brewing Company in downtown York, Pennsylvania. It's located just behind Central Market House.

Mudhook Brewing Company

The brewery's restaurant wasn't crowded, mostly because they just started opening on Sundays and they are only open till 7 p.m. on Sundays (meaning patrons could only watch the beginning of the game). They have a nice menu of pub grub and a variety of their own brews for sale. I couldn't decided which individual beer to try, so I ordered the flight of beer!

A taste of each

It was six of the seven currently available beers. Here are the descriptions of the beers from left to right in the picture.

  • Wild River Weizen--a nice wheat beer that is refreshing and easy to drink.
  • Redeye Irish Red--a malty beer with initial sweetness and a dry finish. Very yummy.
  • Belgian Dubbel--Trappist-style ale that was my favorite of the bunch (because Belgian is my favorite).
  • Tweed River Strong Ale--a Scottish Wee Heavy ale with roasty and smoky flavors. Not bad but not my favorite.
  • Hook Bender Double IPA--a strong IPA with lots of hoppy bitterness. Not my style so not even close to a favorite for me.
  • The Deep Sea Stout--chocolate malt and barley flavors with a bold taste. A great finisher!
The brewery part of the restaurant was through a door right next to our table. My daughter and I admired the equipment and did a little exploring of the Central Market.


One set of vats

More vats

Central Market, only open Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday in the morning and early afternoon

In the almost deserted market, we ran into a lady cleaning up her booth. She gave my daughter a craft from the day before--making your own football. We thanked her and took it back to the restaurant. My daughter didn't have any problem waiting for food, which is more than I can say for other customers.

Ready to order beer or eat the camera!

The meal was great and I wished that I could bring home the Belgian. Maybe they will start bottling in the future!

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