Thursday, February 25, 2016

Wolfgang Candy, York, Pennsylvania

The Wolfgang Candy Company was founded in 1921 as a family business by Delphy Eli and Mima Mae Wolfgang with their son Paul. As business expanded and the other kids got older, they joined in the making and selling of chocolates. A local high school and a church started selling the candies as fundraisers (which the company still supports), increasing the demand. The family started selling chocolates at farmers' markets as well. They outgrew the family cellar production and expanded over the decades. The company is now located at Wolfgang's Das Sweeten Haus Center, which definitely has the German heritage look.

Wolfgang's Das Sweeten Haus Center

Inside the center are many wonderful displays of chocolates for sale.

Interior of the shop

In the middle of the floor is one of the early delivery trucks.

Stuck in a sweet jam

Other side of the truck

The shop also has an old-fashioned parlor and a window for viewing candy-making in progress. We came early in the morning and things weren't running yet.

Ice cream parlor!

Production area

Our favorite discovery was the shelves of factory seconds--the candies that were damaged in production and couldn't be sold as premium product. We bought a bag of chocolate covered pretzels that had a few breaks and some caramel and sea salt dark chocolates that were dinged up a little. They still tasted wonderful.

The shop has a museum tour at 1 p.m. Monday through Thursday but as I said, we went in the morning so we missed out. We may go again if the opportunity arises!

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