Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Chapel of St. Louis the King, Clarksville, Maryland

A little offering on Ash Wednesday, 2016!

The parish of Saint Louis the King in Clarksville, Maryland, dates back to 1855. The first church was soon outgrown. A new church was completed in 1889 and still stands on the parish grounds. It now serves for weddings, baptisms, and funerals, as well as for Eucharistic Adoration on weekends. It is small but charming.

Chapel of St. Louis (front view)

Corner view

Corner stone

View from the back

The nave is not large but is quite beautiful, creating a prayerful atmosphere. It reminds me of some of the churches in York.



Nice candle holder!

The sanctuary includes a baptismal font and a pascal candle, so it's all set for a baptism or a wedding.

Baptismal font and pascal candle

The sanctuary is flanked by the typical statues of Our Lady and St. Joseph. I visited the chapel over Christmas so a Nativity scene was set up at Mary's feet.

Blessed Virgin Mary

Nativity scene

St. Joseph with baby Jesus

The stained glass rose windows in front and back depict Saint Louis and the Good Shepherd.

Saint Louis, King of France

The Good Shepherd

The Stations of the Cross are a delightful painted bas relief.

Third Station, Jesus Falls for the First Time

The chapel is open during weekdays for visitors to stop by and have a little prayer. It's worth visiting.

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