Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Book Review: Morning Glories Vol. 3 by Nick Spencer et al.

Morning Glories Volume 3: P.E. written by Nick Spencer and art by Joe Eisma

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How do they handle P.E. at Morning Glories Academy, the most exclusive prep school in America? Classes are canceled and everyone is grouped in threes, given maps, and sent out into the woods for "Woodrun." This bit of chaos in the schedule is the perfect opportunity to execute some hidden plans. For example, student counselor Ms. Hodge wants to escape with Casey and she has an extra-special and extra-odd way to get out--they go to a cave and stare at a wall where shadows are going. Eventually Ms. Hodge and Case disappear. Jade and Ike have to sit and watch, giving them a chance to talk. Meanwhile, the other kids are out in the woods where even stranger things happen as they try to complete the objectives on their map.

The plot is still very mysterious with fewer questions being answered than being raised. The characters are fairly interesting and there's plenty of pop culture and other references (like the Plato's Cave set-up for Ms. Hodge). I'm still intrigued enough to get the next volume but am getting worried that the big picture is not a coherent one. Time will tell.

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