Friday, February 12, 2016

Book Review: Morning Glories Vol. 2 by Nick Spencer et al.

Morning Glories Volume 2 All Will Be Free written by Nick Spencer and art by Joe Eisma

See the review of Volume 1 here.

The saga of six new students at Morning Glories Academy continues. This volume provides backstories for the students and answers some questions, like, Who is that other kid who looks just like Jun? Did Ike really kill his dad or is he just that scary/bad? Other questions come up, especially with the arrival of the student counselor. Her introduction brings some answers and more questions about what is going on and where they are.

So the Lost television show formula (large cast in a strange place with lots of mysteries about the people and the place) is still running. The ratio of satisfaction to frustration is still in favor of satisfaction but is close. The overall story doesn't move forward very far (at least, that's the way it seems), but I am patient enough to give it another volume or two to see if and how things develop.

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