Monday, April 2, 2018

Cute Kid Pix March 2018

More pictures that didn't make their own post...

Our toddler's Sunday school class regularly has crafts though they usually don't make it to the blog. This special Easter craft was irresistible to me, showing Jesus' tomb with a sliding rock to let Him rise. The design is ingenious and fun.

Sealed tomb

Open tomb, about to be empty

The first day of Spring saw a massive snow storm on America's east coast, resulting in some nice sledding weather for our toddler.

Mom-powered sledding

Going the distance

A happy (and snowy) boy

The older kids' school had a March Reading Madness program that culminated in a Family Reading Night. The evening had lots of activities, starting with announcements and books to read in the cafeteria.

My daughter reads about pets

My son reads a "how to" book about raising dinosaurs

One activity was a relay race where children sorted books into fiction and non-fiction hoops.

Son with a non-fiction book

Dual-wielding daughter drops duo delivery

The activity in the cafeteria featured the school mascot and freshly popped popcorn. Yummy!

Posing with the eagle

Funky popcorn

A happy snacker

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