Monday, April 23, 2018

Federal Hill Park, Baltimore

After visiting the Maryland Science Center, we went after a nearby geocache, Guns to Bear on Baltimore. The cache is located on top of Federal Hill in the aptly named Federal Hill Park. It's only a five minute walk from the Science Center, so the trip was easy, except for the cold, damp, windy weather.

Federal Hill, Baltimore

The steps

The climb was not too hard but leg-length definitely made a difference for how fast the kids got up the hill.

First to the top

The cache was fairly easy to find except that it was not for the vertically-challenged or immature. I was able to spot it and just about reach it.

Nearby is a statue dedicated to Samuel Smith, a merchant and politician who served in America's Continental Army during the War for Independence from Britain. He served as major general (his highest military rank) during the War of 1812 when he organized the local defenses during the Battle of Baltimore in 1814. He also served as a congressman and senator before and after the War of 1812, finishing his political career as mayor of Baltimore (1835-1838). He died in 1839.

A patriotic composition

Samuel Smith

Smith's view of the Inner Harbor

Another memorial is dedicated to George Armistead. He was the officer in command of Fort McHenry during the War of 1812 and led them through the bombing that inspired Francis Scott Keys to write The Star Spangled Banner.

Armistead memorial

Off to the side of the hill is a fancifully-decorated American Visionary Art Museum. Maybe we will visit it someday.

American Visionary Art Museum

Another view of the Inner Harbor (Science Center on left)

The hill was made into a fort in 1861 to keep the pro-Confederacy part of Baltimore's population under control. The fort had 42 guns and could house a thousand soldiers if needed. Only one gun remains today.

Our little regiment

Gun's eye view

Vintage flag from the War of 1812 days--fifteen stars!

The park also has a very nice-looking playground. The cold and damp kept us from playing there, but surely when we visit the Science Center under better weather we will try it out.


Walking back to the car, I saw some neat local buildings. Living in this neighborhood would be fun but probably very expensive.

Row houses that go all the way back

More modern construction--I would be on those roof-top viewing areas all the time

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