Tuesday, April 24, 2018

School Concerts

The past week we had a double-header of school concerts. The concerts were at a local high school, the same venue as the Fall concerts.

The first concert was the Spring Orchestra Concert at 6:30. The concert is a major part of the students' grades, so attendance is mandatory. Naturally, parents and siblings come along as well, barring other commitments. We had our whole family there.

Concert stage

My daughter plays cello and had a seat near the front so we could see her as she played. We were able to get some good video as well.

My daughter in the middle

The concert was fun and ended by 7:00 (I left the older grades' performances out of the video, sorry!).

My son plays saxophone for Band, so he was in the Chorus and Band Spring Concert at 7:30. His concert included the chorus and the rhythm rockers group, which I did not record. They were excellent. My son came in after those two groups along with the horde of other players. The school was celebrating its 25th anniversary, so a lot of local alumni (mostly middle- and high-schoolers) came to play along. My son was seated farther back so I only caught a picture of him walking in. He did introduce one of the songs, which is faithfully presented in the video below.

Walking in

With all the extras, the second concert lasted till 9 p.m., which was pretty late for our preschooler. He had a fun time anyway.

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