Friday, January 5, 2018

Cute Kid Pix December 2017

More pictures of events that didn't make their own blog post...

My daughter put together a solar-panel-powered car from a kit. She tried to run it in the house with no effect, so we went outside and the motor worked!

The getaway car!

My two older children had their winter school concerts. The event was held at a local high school in the auditorium.

First group playing

My daughter is in the orchestra, she plays the cello. As third graders and first year players, they had a small set to play, which they did wonderfully.

She gets ready

Teacher/conductor in action!

My son is in band, he plays saxophone. He's also new to the instrument, as are his fellow fourth graders. They did a fine job even with more pieces to play.

Two friends ready to go

Nervous enthusiasm?

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