Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Magic Mountain Playground, Coyote Point, California

The Coyote Point Recreation Area in San Mateo, California, is home to the Magic Mountain Playground (and CuriOdyssey, which we blogged about in yesterpost). The playground is fairly large with a castle full of slides and with lots of dragons waiting to gobble up kids. We went during our Christmas trip and had a lot of fun.

Here there be dragons

Here there be castles (with slides)

The kids tried out the slides but lost interest quickly. They started playing with the other equipment, like the climbers and, my toddlers favorite, the kiddie swing (though no picture of that this time).

Archway by the castle

My daughter crosses the archway

An extra-popular item was the tire swing. The tire was not an authentic car tire, but a smaller, solid plastic piece of (presumably safer) playground equipment. If kids would form a line to get on play equipment, they'd have formed a line for this one. As it was, they just kept an eye out for when the swing became free and raced to get on first. My daughter and her cousins loved riding it. They also wanted me to give them a push, which I did.

Getting on the tire swing

Riding in style

They also played on one of the dragons, which turned out not to be as dangerous as previously imagined. They did defy him to turn them into a snack.

On the nose

Testing how sharp his teeth were

My two sons were less interested in the equipment and went to throw rocks into the bay, an activity for which I have no pictures. Maybe next time!

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